Wish is a digital comic by Alexis Sergio, Frankie Ruiz, and Valerie St Gelais. Follow Seth as their life gets flipped around and they are suddenly the most powerful person in the planet, perhaps the multiverse. This Latnix Enby is determined to be a hero and with their partner Fiona maybe just maybe Wish can be the hero Star City needs. Fiona and Seth Stumble around through magical mishaps, doors to other realities, silly criminals, larger then life baddies all while being super queer. Watch as these lovers find out who they are through magical events and ongoing trials.

How to Read Wish:

Webcomic: Wish will be releasing in Webcomic form, if you want to read it for free you can, just slowly.  The comic updates Tuesday and Thursdays and without funding is planned to end on the end of issue 1 for some time.  Read for free at http://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/wish/list?title_no=71914 

Patreon: Backing me on Patreon will allow you to get final pages a week in advance of other webcomic readers. So know what happens before everyone else, laugh at jokes, cry, well there isn’t a whole lot of crying but ya know maybe you’ll cry, I’m not judging.

Pay What You Want (kind of): You can pay what you want, if what you want to pay is 3 or more dollars. You’ll get a DRM free PDF, you can read the whole comic before people reading it in webcomic form. Just hop onto Gumroad here.

Pay With Art:  Fanart is great, your art is worth time and money, so if you do a fan art and want the comic you can totally do that. Just send me the link to the art, your email, and that’s it.  It doesn’t have to be a finished piece or anything just a piece that had at least a little work put into it and relates to Wish.

Review Copy: Review copies can be requested by contacting @TransComics on twitter or likely given slower by emailing Transcendentscomics@gmail.com .

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